Hi. I am Magga. I was born and raised in Iceland, Reykjavík for the most part. Currently living in San Francisco.

here is a timeline. Just to show what I have been up to.

  • 2007 I graduated from a multidisciplinary art school serving as a precursor to Collage.

  • 2008-2010 I took part in multiple group exhibitions during my stay in the Academy of Arts. Unfortunately I do not have much documentation on this. For anyone reading and learning: Document everything. Or don’t.

  • 2010 I graduated with a BA degree from The Academy of Visual Arts in Iceland. I also decided to travel mid America for 3 months with a friend. Starting in Panama and ending in Mexico. There I completed my advanced open water diver certification. I also drank all the rum and smoked all the smoke.

  • 2011 I stopped all the rum and smoke and held my first solo exhibition in Deiglan, Akureyri. (Acryl paintings, video/performance art and some graphite drawings.

  • 2012 I gave birth in my home in Iceland to my daughter and three months in we moved to Tokyo, Japan for six months. (much Japan love.) After Japan we decided to travel the world. Just me, my daughter and Husband. (Oh yes. We got married two weeks prior to our Tokyo travel.) From Iceland we went to and stayed in the following places for 3-4 months: Vancouver, Canada, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Barcelona, Spain and in 2015 we moved to California in the United States. Where we are now currently living.

During this time I have held home exhibitions nearly each summer in Iceland, where we try to stay for 6-8 weeks annually.