Hi. I am Magga. I was born and raised in Iceland, Reykjavík for the most part. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts in Iceland in 2010 and have held multiple solo and group exhibitions in Iceland since. I currently live in Sanfrancisco and will be taking my graduate degree in L.A. in 2020. 

Solo exhibitions

2011  Deiglan, Akureyri. Iceland. (Acryl paintings, video/performance and some graphite drawings.)

2014 Opnun, home exhibition, Reykjavík, Iceland. (Digitaly manipulated photographs.)

2017 Our Show, home exhibition in Reykjavík, Iceland with Emma Haraldsdóttir. (Margrets then five year old daughter. Not a solo exhibition at all.) Workshop based exhibition where guests where encouraged to make there own creations.

2018 Spunið, home exhibition. Reykjavík, Iceland. (Mostly graphite and coal drawings and a few textile pieces.)

2019 Birds at Borderlands Café, Valencia street, San Francisco, CA.  (Large textiles, sculptures and chalk drawings.)

2019 Birds and skwigglery at SÍM húsið, art residency in Reykjavík Iceland. (Large textiles, sculptures and chalk drawings.)

2019 A Birds Manifestation, a home exhibition and continuem of Birds and Skwigglery. (Large textiles, sculptures and chalk drawings.)

 Group exhibitions

2007 Tugt húsið, Pósthússtræti, Iceland. (Photographed performance)

2009 Kaffistofan, student Gallery LHÍ, Reykjavík, Iceland. (Pen drawings and video installation.)

2010 Grandahúsið, Reykjavík, Iceland. (Graphite drawings.)

2010 Listasafn Reykjavíkur,  graduation exhibition from the Academy of Visual Arts.  Titiled X,Y (Video projection on sculpture.)

2019 Group exhibition on Reykjavík, Icelands Culture night at Gallery Fold.

Performance based

2007-2011 A participant  in the Weird Girls Project multiple times. A recurring video based performance piece directed by Kitty Von Sometime.

2008 A performance made down town Reykjavík called “Life is short, don’t forget to love and laugh.”

2009 A performance made for a video installation that was projected into a 7 by 7 foot cube titled “skotspónn” or “Target”.  Exhibited at Iceland Academy of Visual Arts.


Solo exhibition at Hótel Geysir, Haukadalur, Iceland.



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Instagram: @maggaeddu